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Here at Haines City Fire Extinguisher Service, safety is our passion. We do more than just fire extinguishers. From the hyrdants out front to the sprinklers inside to the exit lights above, we do it all. Let us take care of all your life safety needs. Check out our services for more information and thank you for visiting us today! 


Stephen Stanek, Branch Manager


What makes Haines City Fire Extinguisher Service different?

  • An Established Company - We've been servicing fire extinguishers since 1955. 

  • Multiple Services, One Business - We can service most, if not all, of your life safety needs.  Fire & Security alarms, CCTV, card access, pumps, hydrants, backflow prevention, automatic sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers including CO2 & Halotron-1, first aid and safety equipment, all kinds of suppression systems, exit and emergency lighting, safety training, etc.

  • Onsite recharging of fire extinguishers -  Our vehicles are equipped with Getz equipment to refill fire extinguishers according to NFPA 10 standards.  Imagine having your extinguishers recharged without them ever having to leave property.  This takes the process down from a matter of days to a matter of minutes. 

  • Detailed, digital records - Our technicians use handheld computers to scan and locate your fire extinguishers.  That means after the first time we service your location, we can provide detailed, digital records.  This allows us to project your costs year-to-year as well as reduce the risk of missing an extinguisher during the inspection.

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